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More about reducing your risk of dying

Remember the research stating that the number of deaths reduced from walking 20 minutes a day could theoretically be doubled with an approach that also avoided a high body mass index (BMI) or a high waist circumference? A Canadian study supports this where the researchers concluded that physical inactivity and a high waist circumference [...]

This is how you can quickly improve your memory performance

Did you know that exercise can improve your memory?

Maybe you have heard that before, but how long do you think it takes? Not very long depending on how you exercise.

You may not think of exercise as stress, but exercise is putting stress on your body, that’s why it works. The body responds [...]

Is extreme endurance training and competitions like marathons healthy?

No one can dispute that regular exercise is beneficial, but sometimes we tend to think that more is better.

The reviewed research investigated the effects of training for, and the participation in endurance competitions like marathon ultra-marathon, Iron-man distance triathlons and very long-distance bicycle racing (Patil HR,,2012).

In veteran extreme endurance athletes the [...]

More evidence why interval training is better

There has been a lot of research in the last few years on the benefits of interval training. The reviewed study compared interval walking with regular walking (Karstoft K, et. al.,2013).

The participants were people with Type II Diabetes. One group completed 60 minutes of continuous walking. The other group completed interval walking, alternating [...]

Why we need Core Stability Training:

Benefits of Core Stability Training

For athletes, the realization of this benefit is small at first. They are questioning why they have to do Core Stability training at all. But if they stick with it, they notice that doing an everyday activity starts to become a little easier. That sack of groceries can be [...]

SMALL details that can make a BIG difference

by Felipe Loureiro

Over the years, as an athlete and a coach, something that always surprises me still to this day is how little attention is paid to little things that can really improve your performance and make your training a lot easier.

Here is my list:

1)     Tire Pressure: Typically a road bike [...]