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Can the health of the lining of your intestines affect the size of your waist?

How big your waist is can tell you something about your risk for cardiovascular disease, the bigger the waist, the more of a risk.

Most people would also prefer to have a slim look.

Why do some people have a big waist? Is it just because they eat too much of the wrong food, [...]

What can an avocado a day do for you?

Avocados contain a lot of fat, including a certain type of fat called monounsaturated fatty acids, which are beneficial. How beneficial are they?

The reviewed research compared a low fat diet (24% fat) with two moderate fat diets (34% fat) (Wang L, et al. 2015). The difference between the two moderate fat diets was [...]

How do you think stress affects your metabolism?

You don’t want to have a slow metabolic rate because that would make it harder to maintain a lean body composition.

You can probably also agree that most of us are exposed to plenty of stress during a average day.

I think you will find the reviewed research interesting because it investigated how stress [...]

Do you eat enough fat?

What you eat could have a significant effect on your memory. The Mediterranean diet provides many health benefits, but can it be made even more effective?

That is what the reviewed research investigated. 522 participants both men and women at high vascular risk were followed for six and half [...]

Exercise: starting later in life still improves your chances of healthy aging

Is there any point to exercising if you are older? Don’t make the mistake of believing that if you haven’t exercised earlier in life, there’s no point in starting now!

The reviewed research investigated the odds of healthy aging. During the 8 year study, participants were defined as healthy if they did not [...]

Speed up – and reduce your risk for weight gain!

Here is more interesting proof that it not necessary to spend a lot of time exercising to get benefits, as long as it is done a certain way (Fan JX,,2013).

The participants were 4511 adults aged 18-64 years. Body mass index was measured and accelerometers were used for measurements. The participants were divided into [...]

Not all exercise burns fat equally.

Have you accepted this truism: that the more physically active you are, the less likely you are to gain weight? Here is the catch: not all exercise is equally effective when it comes to burning fat. The good news is you don’t have to exercise for several hours a day to make a [...]

Casual Soda Drinker? Don’t go there!

Sugar sweetened beverages have been associated with type 2 diabetes, obesity and other health problems. The reviewed research specifically investigated the relationship with sugar intake, sugar sweetened beverages and endometrial cancer(Inoue-Choi M,,2013).

The participants were 23,039 postmenopausal women. From 1986 to 2010, 506 cases of estrogen dependent endometrial cancers were [...]

Reduce your cardiovascular risk with the right fat

Common opinion goes like this: fat creates heart disease. New research is questioning that assumption and proving the opposite, that fat can be heart protective. The research reviewed is one of these studies.

7447 participants were assigned to one of three diets:

High blood levels of omega 3 = Low incidence of mini strokes

Many studies rely on food questionnaires to calculate omega 3 fatty acid intake, but questionnaires can never be as accurate as a blood test. The reviewed research is especially interesting. Not only were blood levels of omega 3 fatty acid measured: 3660 participants also had MRI scans of their brains at the start [...]

Enjoy your snacking with no weight gain

Ever wonder what to eat if you get hungry between meals? The reviewed research investigated the response to almonds not only as a snack, but also when eaten with a meal (Tan SY, Mattes RD, 2013).

The study went on for 4 weeks. The participants with an increased risk for type 2 [...]

Get Your Beauty Sleep and Lose Weight!


Research has documented the link between obesity and sleep loss, although no on has been able to explain why. Recent research has found that sleep deprivation significantly decreases brain activity related to the evaluation of appetite and affects choices of what kind of foods we [...]

Your dinner can affect how much you eat the next day

Recent research indicates that the gut bacterial flora may affect the metabolism including appetite, and the reviewed study evaluated the effects of a whole grain barley kernel product  on markers of metabolism and appetite regulation  in healthy people (Johansson EV,, 2013).

Boiled barley kernels were compared with white wheat bread as [...]

Lowering the risk for cardiovascular disease also lowers the risk for cancer

Interesting new research proves that when causes for one disease are corrected, not only will the risk for that disease be lowered, but the risk for other diseases will be lowered.

This study, which included 13,253 participants, was conducted for almost 20 years (Rasmussen-Torvik LJ,, 2013). The participants were classified [...]

If you think artificially sweetened soft drinks are healthier than sugar sweetened, you need to read this.


It’s a common belief that artificially sweetened soft drinks are a good alternative to sugar sweetened ones. They are usually promoted as diet soft drinks, and people with Diabetes may also think it’s okay to drink this, because they don’t contain regular sugar.

The reviewed research is interesting because it compared regular [...]

More evidence why interval training is better

There has been a lot of research in the last few years on the benefits of interval training. The reviewed study compared interval walking with regular walking (Karstoft K, et. al.,2013).

The participants were people with Type II Diabetes. One group completed 60 minutes of continuous walking. The other group completed interval walking, alternating [...]

The risk of sugar sweetened beverages

Most people believe that sweets are not healthy, and sugar sweetened beverages are associated with weight gain and also increased risk of type 2 diabetes. The reviewed research investigated the association between sugar sweetened beverages and several risk factors for cardiovascular disease (de Koning L, et al. 2012).

42,883 men were included in the [...]

What is the most effective dietary approach to reduce cardiovascular risk factors?

The research reviewed evaluated randomized controlled trials comparing the Mediterranean style diet to low fat diets in overweight/obese individuals as it related to cardiovascular risk factors (Nordmann AJ, et al. 2011). 6 trials with 2,650 individuals of which 50% were women.

After 2 years of follow up, individuals assigned to a Mediterranean diet [...]

Want to improve your cholesterol and glucose levels?

Cholesterol lowering drugs are big business, but most people could lower both their cholesterol and blood glucose levels by changing the way they eat.

The food we eat regularly will have a big impact on your biochemistry. By watching all the ads on TV you would not believe that, but rather think that it [...]

The food that makes you lose weight and also improve your health

If you think that sounds good, you can also add that it is cheap to buy. This food is legumes.

I have recommended beans and lentils for many years because they are excellent low-glycemic index carbohydrates.

The study reviewed compared the effects of two calorie restricted diets (Hermdorff HH, et al. 2010). One [...]

The danger of a big waist

A recent study followed 21,787 participants with an age from 45 to 79 years for an average of 9.8 years (Arsenault BJ, et al. 2010). The researchers examined the relationship between high triglycerides levels (fat in the blood), high waist circumference and the risk of coronary artery disease in apparently healthy individuals.

The threshold [...]

Smaller waist and impressive health benefits from minutes of exercise instead of hours

In the last few years quite a few studies have been published on the benefits of high intensity short interval training.

The research reviewed here investigated the effects of very high intensity sprint interval training on metabolic and vascular risk factors in overweight/obese sedentary men (Whyte LJ, et al. 2010).

The exercise consisted [...]

Pesticides increase the risk for insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes.

Insulin resistance is a gradual process and if not addressed it can lead to type 2 diabetes. The cells in insulin resistant tissue are less responsive to insulin, causing the pancreas to compensate by producing more insulin in an attempt to transfer the blood glucose into the cells where it can be used [...]

Overweight and risk of dementia

The reviewed research evaluated the association of midlife overweight and dementia, Alzheimer disease and vascular dementia (Xu WL, et al. 2011).

This study was especially interesting because the study participants were 8,534 twin individuals with an average age of 74.4 years.

Height and weight of the participants were available at midlife (mean age [...]

Lower stress and amount of sleep affects weight loss

Research has shown that sleeping 7-8 hours per night can make it easier to lose weight.

What makes the study reviewed here interesting is that stress in addition to sleep can have an impact on weight loss (Elder CR, et al. 2011). The participants in this research were obese individuals with a body [...]

Losing weight can help sleep apnea

Sleep apnea causes abnormal pauses in breathing or abnormal low breathing during sleep. Some of the symptoms are snoring, fatigue during the day, impaired reaction time and decreased short term memory.

Sleep apnea is more common in individuals who are overweight.

The research reviewed evaluated the effectiveness of a low calorie diet and [...]

Increase your intake of a specific type of fat and improve cardiovascular risk factors

Increasing your intake of fat and still improve cardiovascular risk may sound strange to you, since you probably have been told to eat a low fat diet to improve cardiovascular risk. However several studies have documented that you can eat a certain type of fat and improve your cardiovascular risk.

One of the [...]

If your weight goes up you may need more vitamin D.

Low vitamin D levels are commonly found with obesity. The first study reviewed here investigated the effect of weight loss through diet and exercise on serum levels of vitamin D (Mason, et al. 2011). Vitamin D concentration was measured at the start of the study and 12 months later.

The results showed that [...]

Fitness good predictor for long term risk of heart attack

The conventional way to evaluate the risk for cardiovascular disease is by examining levels of cholesterol, HDL, LDL and triglycerides. Also included when assessing the risk for cardiovascular disease are information such as blood pressure, diabetes and smoking.All this information is valid, but it turns out that testing the fitness level can improve [...]

Easy way to increase fat loss

The study reviewed investigated the effect of moderate calorie restriction for 14 days with 8.5 or 5.5 hours of night time sleep (Nedeltcheva AV, et al. 2010). The objective was to see if sleep restriction had an effect on fat loss. Fat loss and fat free mass were two of the things measured.