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More about reducing your risk of dying

Remember the research stating that the number of deaths reduced from walking 20 minutes a day could theoretically be doubled with an approach that also avoided a high body mass index (BMI) or a high waist circumference? A Canadian study supports this where the researchers concluded that physical inactivity and a high waist circumference [...]

Do you have to be in good shape to tolerate high-intensity short interval training?

High/intensity short/interval training is a type of exercise that stresses the body hard for a very short period of time. In other words, it is hard exercise, but you don’t have to spend much time doing it.

That you don’t have to spend much time exercising appeals to most people, but you may wonder [...]

More on salt, how much do you need?

This research is interesting because it measured sodium and potassium excretion and examined the association between major cardiovascular events and death(O’Donnell M et al. 2014).

Urine samples from 101,945 persons in 17 countries were included in the study with a follow up time of an average 3.7 years. The average estimated sodium excretion was [...]

Low cholesterol associated with increased mortality risk, too low can be dangerous

Have you been told or have you read that the more you lower your cholesterol the better off you are?

You may also have heard that having high cholesterol is healthy. So what is correct?

More and more research documents that it may be dangerous to lower your cholesterol too much, but the reviewed [...]

How well is your fish oil absorbed?

To maximize the benefits from the nutrients you’re taking, you need to absorb them well.

The reviewed research is interesting because it investigated how well fish oil was absorbed(Beckermann B, The study was a so-called crossover trial. This means that the same participants ingested different kinds of fish oil, which were compared [...]

What you drink could increase your blood pressure

A lot has been written about the effect salt may have on your blood pressure, but not much has been mentioned about the topic of the reviewed research.

In this research the results of several studies which included 409,707 participants were included (Malik AH,,2014). The researchers investigated how a common habit many people [...]

Is reducing your salt intake really that healthy?

Salt has a bad reputation. The news stories are always the same: salt is bad, reduce your salt intake! I think it’s time to question that.

We don’t need the same amount of salt all the time. Why is that?

When it is hot [...]

Do you eat enough fat?

What you eat could have a significant effect on your memory. The Mediterranean diet provides many health benefits, but can it be made even more effective?

That is what the reviewed research investigated. 522 participants both men and women at high vascular risk were followed for six and half [...]

Exercise: starting later in life still improves your chances of healthy aging

Is there any point to exercising if you are older? Don’t make the mistake of believing that if you haven’t exercised earlier in life, there’s no point in starting now!

The reviewed research investigated the odds of healthy aging. During the 8 year study, participants were defined as healthy if they did not [...]

Speed up – and reduce your risk for weight gain!

Here is more interesting proof that it not necessary to spend a lot of time exercising to get benefits, as long as it is done a certain way (Fan JX,,2013).

The participants were 4511 adults aged 18-64 years. Body mass index was measured and accelerometers were used for measurements. The participants were divided into [...]

Not all exercise burns fat equally.

Have you accepted this truism: that the more physically active you are, the less likely you are to gain weight? Here is the catch: not all exercise is equally effective when it comes to burning fat. The good news is you don’t have to exercise for several hours a day to make a [...]

Casual Soda Drinker? Don’t go there!

Sugar sweetened beverages have been associated with type 2 diabetes, obesity and other health problems. The reviewed research specifically investigated the relationship with sugar intake, sugar sweetened beverages and endometrial cancer(Inoue-Choi M,,2013).

The participants were 23,039 postmenopausal women. From 1986 to 2010, 506 cases of estrogen dependent endometrial cancers were [...]

Beat Blood Sugar in 2 Weeks With 15 Minutes of Exercise!

Do you think it’s to good to be true? Amazingly that is exactly what the reviewed research documented!

In this study, 16 young men did 30 second sprints 4-6 times on a stationary bike per session for a total of 6 sessions (Babraj JA,,2009).

Insulin sensitivity was improved by 23 [...]

Reduce your cardiovascular risk with the right fat

Common opinion goes like this: fat creates heart disease. New research is questioning that assumption and proving the opposite, that fat can be heart protective. The research reviewed is one of these studies.

7447 participants were assigned to one of three diets:

High blood levels of omega 3 = Low incidence of mini strokes

Many studies rely on food questionnaires to calculate omega 3 fatty acid intake, but questionnaires can never be as accurate as a blood test. The reviewed research is especially interesting. Not only were blood levels of omega 3 fatty acid measured: 3660 participants also had MRI scans of their brains at the start [...]

Important facts about magnesium which may surprise you

Did you know that magnesium deficiencies have been shown to increase cardiac arrhythmias? Magnesium is one of the most important minerals because magnesium affects many functions, but this reviewed research focused on cardiovascular disease.

The research included studies of 313.041 individuals and investigated associations of circulating and dietary magnesium with cardiovascular [...]

Surprising effects of meditation if practiced a specific way

We can now find more and more research related to the benefits of meditation. A lot of the research is related to the relaxing effects of meditation and it may look like meditation is just another way of getting relaxed. While relaxation can be beneficial in itself, there are more to meditation [...]

Chicken, you may be getting more than protein

Unless you are buying antibiotic-free or organic chicken, you probably know that you’re buying chicken that has been fed antibiotics. What you may not know however is that arsenic-based drugs are permitted in poultry production.

Researchers at John Hopkins investigated for that reason how much arsenic chicken meat contained (Nachman [...]

The Surprising Effect of Berries

If you like berries, this research is good news for you. Berries are known for their high antioxidant content, but this study investigated the effects of berries on glucose control (Törrönon R., 2013).

Researchers measured both glucose and insulin after eating white bread [...]

Still don’t believe? Omega 3 fatty acids, total mortality and heart disease


Have you ever questioned the benefits of omega 3 fat? Even though so much research has been published on the benefits, many people have reservations.

This new study did not rely on self-reported [...]

Your dinner can affect how much you eat the next day

Recent research indicates that the gut bacterial flora may affect the metabolism including appetite, and the reviewed study evaluated the effects of a whole grain barley kernel product  on markers of metabolism and appetite regulation  in healthy people (Johansson EV,, 2013).

Boiled barley kernels were compared with white wheat bread as [...]

Ratio of Omega 6 to Omega 3 fatty acids important for memory

A lot of research has been published on the importance of omega-3 fatty acid.

It’s not only important that you eat omega 3 fat, but it is important that you eat enough of omega 3 fat so that the ratio of omega 6 to omega 3 is good.

The research reviewed here is [...]

If you think artificially sweetened soft drinks are healthier than sugar sweetened, you need to read this.


It’s a common belief that artificially sweetened soft drinks are a good alternative to sugar sweetened ones. They are usually promoted as diet soft drinks, and people with Diabetes may also think it’s okay to drink this, because they don’t contain regular sugar.

The reviewed research is interesting because it compared regular [...]

Is extreme endurance training and competitions like marathons healthy?

No one can dispute that regular exercise is beneficial, but sometimes we tend to think that more is better.

The reviewed research investigated the effects of training for, and the participation in endurance competitions like marathon ultra-marathon, Iron-man distance triathlons and very long-distance bicycle racing (Patil HR,,2012).

In veteran extreme endurance athletes the [...]

Suprising benefit of walnuts

Research has documented that walnuts improve cardiovascular risk factors.

The reviewed research investigated if walnuts may affect the risk of diabetes (Pan A.,,2013). 58.063 women aged 52 -77 years and also 79.893 women aged 35-52 years were followed over ten years. None of the women had Diabetes, cardiovascular disease or cancer at the start [...]

More evidence why interval training is better

There has been a lot of research in the last few years on the benefits of interval training. The reviewed study compared interval walking with regular walking (Karstoft K, et. al.,2013).

The participants were people with Type II Diabetes. One group completed 60 minutes of continuous walking. The other group completed interval walking, alternating [...]

Eggs, heart disease, and stroke

Eggs have had a bad reputation. Many people have been afraid of eating eggs due to high cholesterol.

This has been going on for years, but is there really any evidence that eggs can cause heart disease?

This is what the researchers of the reviewed article wanted to find out (Rong Y,et al.,2013). They [...]

Surprising findings related to meat consumption

Quite a few studies have been published on the consumption of red meat and the increased risk for heart disease and stroke. The reviewed research is interesting because it investigated the risk of diabetes and meat consumption (Feskens E J, et al,2013).

We are used to thinking that red meat may not be the [...]

The risk of sugar sweetened beverages

Most people believe that sweets are not healthy, and sugar sweetened beverages are associated with weight gain and also increased risk of type 2 diabetes. The reviewed research investigated the association between sugar sweetened beverages and several risk factors for cardiovascular disease (de Koning L, et al. 2012).

42,883 men were included in the [...]

Vitamin D and Early Death

New research on the importance of vitamin D is published all the time. The reviewed study was quite large and was conducted in Denmark (Brondum-Jacobsen P, et al. 2012).

The participants were 10,170 men and women, the vitamin D levels were measured, and the follow-up time was 29 years. The researchers investigated the association [...]