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Can the health of the lining of your intestines affect the size of your waist?

How big your waist is can tell you something about your risk for cardiovascular disease, the bigger the waist, the more of a risk.

Most people would also prefer to have a slim look.

Why do some people have a big waist? Is it just because they eat too much of the wrong food, [...]

What can an avocado a day do for you?

Avocados contain a lot of fat, including a certain type of fat called monounsaturated fatty acids, which are beneficial. How beneficial are they?

The reviewed research compared a low fat diet (24% fat) with two moderate fat diets (34% fat) (Wang L, et al. 2015). The difference between the two moderate fat diets was [...]

An enjoyable way to reduce stress and improve immunity

It is well accepted that stress can make us more susceptible to disease.

The participants in the reviewed study were 404 adults who were exposed to a virus that causes a common cold(Cohen S,et al. 2014). They were monitored in quarantine to assess infection and signs of illness.

It was found that perceived support [...]

Reduce your blood glucose level eating this snack

You don’t have to have diabetes to benefit from better blood sugar control.

The reviewed research showed that sometimes it doesn’t have to be very difficult(Parham M, et al. 2014).

The participants of this study had type 2 diabetes. One group was given 25g of pistachio nuts as snacks twice a day for 12 [...]

More about reducing your risk of dying

Remember the research stating that the number of deaths reduced from walking 20 minutes a day could theoretically be doubled with an approach that also avoided a high body mass index (BMI) or a high waist circumference? A Canadian study supports this where the researchers concluded that physical inactivity and a high waist circumference [...]

Higher intake of this important mineral shows reduced risk for metabolic syndrome

People with metabolic syndrome have a cluster of symptoms. They are usually insulin resistant, they usually have high blood pressure and also high cholesterol and triglycerides.

The reviewed research included a total of 24,473 individuals and 6,311 cases of metabolic syndrome(Dibaba DT et al. 2014). The participants with the highest dietary intake of Magnesium [...]

Protect your memory with something you enjoy eating

The reviewed research first mapped out the precise brain location for age-related dysfunction using functional MRI.

The researchers then had 50-69 year old participants either consume a high or a low cocoa flavanol diet for 3 months(Brickman AM,et al. 2014).

The results showed that a high flavanol diet was found to enhance dentate gurus [...]

See what pistachio nuts can do for you

If you want a quick healthy snack, then pistachio nuts would be a good choice.

The reviewed research had diabetic patients either assigned to a group receiving 25 g of pistachio nuts twice a day as a snack or a control meal without nuts(Parham M, et al. 2014).

After 12 weeks the participants had [...]

Easy way to reduce your risk for Alzheimer’s disease

The reviewed research followed 1,658 adults who were free from dementia, cardiovascular disease and stroke for an average of 5.6 years (Littlejohns TJ, et al. 2014).

Vitamin D levels (25-hydroxy vitamin D) were measured from blood samples.

It was found that vitamin D deficiency is associated with a substantially increased risk for both dementia [...]

Elevated levels of common lab test associated with increased risk for Alzheimer’s

There is no single test available at the time to specifically diagnose Alzheimer’s disease or to only show the risk for it. New research, however, indicates that a common test like fasting glucose may tell us something about the risk (Burns CM, et al. 2014).

When regional cerebral metabolic rate for glucose in brain [...]

An easy habit to reduce your risk for depression

This research was convincing because it involved 11,000 people who were followed for 50 years (Pinto Pereira SM, et al, 2014).

A sample of persons born in England, Scotland and Wales in a single week in March, 1958 were followed up to the age of 50 years. Depressive symptoms were measured and frequency of [...]

This is how you can quickly improve your memory performance

Did you know that exercise can improve your memory?

Maybe you have heard that before, but how long do you think it takes? Not very long depending on how you exercise.

You may not think of exercise as stress, but exercise is putting stress on your body, that’s why it works. The body responds [...]

Your gastrointestinal bacterias may influence your blood sugar

A lot has been written about the bacterial flora of the gastrointestinal tract lately and how it can affect other areas of the body.

The reviewed research evaluated the effects of seven strains of friendly bacterias and how they may affect insulin sensitivity(Eslamparast T, et al. 2014).

Participants with the metabolic syndrome were given [...]

Can you change your estrogen metabolites by exercising?

What would be the benefits of changing your estrogen metabolites?

Certain estrogen metabolites are related to a higher risk for estrogen related diseases. Breast cancer is one of those diseases. If you could change the ratio between the harmless metabolites and the ones related to an increased risk for estrogen related problems you would [...]

Research documents an easy way to slow brain shrinkage

Brain size makes a difference when it comes to memory.

The problem is that the brain shrinks as we age. If we could prevent that, we could also help prevent memory loss as we get older. That is what the reviewed research investigated (Daiello LA, 2014).

The participants were assessed with neuropsychological tests [...]

You can use your mind to reduce inflammation.

Inflammation is a risk factor for all chronic diseases, and inflammation will also increase any pain you may have. Wouldn’t it be great if you could reduce inflammation by just using your mind? The good news is that you can!

The reviewed research investigated this(Black DS,,2013). 39 [...]

Higher Blood Glucose Makes Your Memory Suffer

Like so many others, you may have noticed that you can’t remember like you once could. Sadly, some of your most common habits may actually increase your risk for developing dementia. Pay attention to this – life expectancy is increasing! If you don’t do anything to change, most likely you will get worse [...]

Tomatoes and breast cancer risk-reduction

You have probably heard that tomatoes are good for your eyes because of an antioxidant called lycopene. Did you know that tomatoes can make a difference with breast cancer risk? The reviewed research investigated just that (Llanos AA,,2014).

70 postmenopausal women at increased risk for breast cancer participated [...]

Not all exercise burns fat equally.

Have you accepted this truism: that the more physically active you are, the less likely you are to gain weight? Here is the catch: not all exercise is equally effective when it comes to burning fat. The good news is you don’t have to exercise for several hours a day to make a [...]

Best fruits for lowering the risk of Type 2 Diabetes.

We all know that fruit is healthy, but there is evidence that not all fruit will provide the same benefits. The reviewed research compared how different fruits may reduce the risk for Type 2 Diabetes (Muraki I,,2013).

This was a large study that included a total of 151,209 women and 36,173 men [...]

Beat Blood Sugar in 2 Weeks With 15 Minutes of Exercise!

Do you think it’s to good to be true? Amazingly that is exactly what the reviewed research documented!

In this study, 16 young men did 30 second sprints 4-6 times on a stationary bike per session for a total of 6 sessions (Babraj JA,,2009).

Insulin sensitivity was improved by 23 [...]

Important facts about magnesium which may surprise you

Did you know that magnesium deficiencies have been shown to increase cardiac arrhythmias? Magnesium is one of the most important minerals because magnesium affects many functions, but this reviewed research focused on cardiovascular disease.

The research included studies of 313.041 individuals and investigated associations of circulating and dietary magnesium with cardiovascular [...]

Antioxidants and Optimism

The research reviewed this time is a little bit different. The researchers looked at the association between antioxidants and optimism (Boehmite JK,, 2013). That participants were 982 men and women and the researchers evaluated the relationship between optimism and serum concentration of nine different antioxidants.

The results showed that optimism was associated with [...]

Reduce Inflammation by Using Your Mind

Inflammation is a risk factor for all chronic diseases. Anything you can do to reduce inflammation will be beneficial to your health. This reviewed research investigated if meditation could help reduce inflammation (Rozenkranz MA,,2013).

A stress test was used to induce psychological stress. Inflammation was produced using a topical application [...]

Is extreme endurance training and competitions like marathons healthy?

No one can dispute that regular exercise is beneficial, but sometimes we tend to think that more is better.

The reviewed research investigated the effects of training for, and the participation in endurance competitions like marathon ultra-marathon, Iron-man distance triathlons and very long-distance bicycle racing (Patil HR,,2012).

In veteran extreme endurance athletes the [...]

Deep-fried food and the risk of prostate cancer

The study referred here investigated if deep-fried food may increase the risk of prostate cancer (Stott-Miller M,,2013).

Other research suggests that high-heat cooking may increase the risk of prostate cancer possibly because of the formation of carcinogens.

The researchers found a positive association with prostate cancer risk for people that ate french fries, [...]

Suprising benefit of walnuts

Research has documented that walnuts improve cardiovascular risk factors.

The reviewed research investigated if walnuts may affect the risk of diabetes (Pan A.,,2013). 58.063 women aged 52 -77 years and also 79.893 women aged 35-52 years were followed over ten years. None of the women had Diabetes, cardiovascular disease or cancer at the start [...]

Multivitamins are not dangerous

Last year the news created headlines referring to research stating that multivitamins increased the risk of dying. This did not make any sense and now recent research has disputed that

The reviewed study analyzed 21 articles and included 91,074 people and 8,794 deaths (Macpherson H, et al. 2012). The average age of the participants [...]

Low grade inflammation and depression

There is more and more evidence that low grade inflammation is involved in all chronic conditions. Low grade systemic inflammation, as it is called, means inflammation that affects the whole body. This type of inflammation does not have to give you any visible signs like a swollen joint, like we usually associate with inflammation, [...]

Be more active and keep more of your brain

The reviewed research is interesting because no one wants to lose any of the brain they have. In this study the researchers investigated the association between physical activity at age 70 years and structural brain biomarkers at 73 years (Gow AJ, et al. 2012). Computational image processing methods were used to measure atrophy and [...]