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Can the health of the lining of your intestines affect the size of your waist?

How big your waist is can tell you something about your risk for cardiovascular disease, the bigger the waist, the more of a risk.

Most people would also prefer to have a slim look.

Why do some people have a big waist? Is it just because they eat too much of the wrong food, [...]

What can an avocado a day do for you?

Avocados contain a lot of fat, including a certain type of fat called monounsaturated fatty acids, which are beneficial. How beneficial are they?

The reviewed research compared a low fat diet (24% fat) with two moderate fat diets (34% fat) (Wang L, et al. 2015). The difference between the two moderate fat diets was [...]

Reduce your blood glucose level eating this snack

You don’t have to have diabetes to benefit from better blood sugar control.

The reviewed research showed that sometimes it doesn’t have to be very difficult(Parham M, et al. 2014).

The participants of this study had type 2 diabetes. One group was given 25g of pistachio nuts as snacks twice a day for 12 [...]

Higher intake of this important mineral shows reduced risk for metabolic syndrome

People with metabolic syndrome have a cluster of symptoms. They are usually insulin resistant, they usually have high blood pressure and also high cholesterol and triglycerides.

The reviewed research included a total of 24,473 individuals and 6,311 cases of metabolic syndrome(Dibaba DT et al. 2014). The participants with the highest dietary intake of Magnesium [...]

Protect your memory with something you enjoy eating

The reviewed research first mapped out the precise brain location for age-related dysfunction using functional MRI.

The researchers then had 50-69 year old participants either consume a high or a low cocoa flavanol diet for 3 months(Brickman AM,et al. 2014).

The results showed that a high flavanol diet was found to enhance dentate gurus [...]

See what pistachio nuts can do for you

If you want a quick healthy snack, then pistachio nuts would be a good choice.

The reviewed research had diabetic patients either assigned to a group receiving 25 g of pistachio nuts twice a day as a snack or a control meal without nuts(Parham M, et al. 2014).

After 12 weeks the participants had [...]

Easy way to reduce your risk for Alzheimer’s disease

The reviewed research followed 1,658 adults who were free from dementia, cardiovascular disease and stroke for an average of 5.6 years (Littlejohns TJ, et al. 2014).

Vitamin D levels (25-hydroxy vitamin D) were measured from blood samples.

It was found that vitamin D deficiency is associated with a substantially increased risk for both dementia [...]

Elevated levels of common lab test associated with increased risk for Alzheimer’s

There is no single test available at the time to specifically diagnose Alzheimer’s disease or to only show the risk for it. New research, however, indicates that a common test like fasting glucose may tell us something about the risk (Burns CM, et al. 2014).

When regional cerebral metabolic rate for glucose in brain [...]

Your gastrointestinal bacterias may influence your blood sugar

A lot has been written about the bacterial flora of the gastrointestinal tract lately and how it can affect other areas of the body.

The reviewed research evaluated the effects of seven strains of friendly bacterias and how they may affect insulin sensitivity(Eslamparast T, et al. 2014).

Participants with the metabolic syndrome were given [...]

More on salt, how much do you need?

This research is interesting because it measured sodium and potassium excretion and examined the association between major cardiovascular events and death(O’Donnell M et al. 2014).

Urine samples from 101,945 persons in 17 countries were included in the study with a follow up time of an average 3.7 years. The average estimated sodium excretion was [...]

Is systemic inflammation making your pain worse?

Knee pain is very common as we get older, and so is systemic inflammation, but what is systemic inflammation?

Systemic inflammation is the type of inflammation that you may not even know you have an issue with, because you don’t have to have a swollen joint. This type of inflammation is low grade, and [...]

Low cholesterol associated with increased mortality risk, too low can be dangerous

Have you been told or have you read that the more you lower your cholesterol the better off you are?

You may also have heard that having high cholesterol is healthy. So what is correct?

More and more research documents that it may be dangerous to lower your cholesterol too much, but the reviewed [...]

How do you think stress affects your metabolism?

You don’t want to have a slow metabolic rate because that would make it harder to maintain a lean body composition.

You can probably also agree that most of us are exposed to plenty of stress during a average day.

I think you will find the reviewed research interesting because it investigated how stress [...]

Research documents an easy way to slow brain shrinkage

Brain size makes a difference when it comes to memory.

The problem is that the brain shrinks as we age. If we could prevent that, we could also help prevent memory loss as we get older. That is what the reviewed research investigated (Daiello LA, 2014).

The participants were assessed with neuropsychological tests [...]

How well is your fish oil absorbed?

To maximize the benefits from the nutrients you’re taking, you need to absorb them well.

The reviewed research is interesting because it investigated how well fish oil was absorbed(Beckermann B, The study was a so-called crossover trial. This means that the same participants ingested different kinds of fish oil, which were compared [...]

What you drink could increase your blood pressure

A lot has been written about the effect salt may have on your blood pressure, but not much has been mentioned about the topic of the reviewed research.

In this research the results of several studies which included 409,707 participants were included (Malik AH,,2014). The researchers investigated how a common habit many people [...]

Higher Blood Glucose Makes Your Memory Suffer

Like so many others, you may have noticed that you can’t remember like you once could. Sadly, some of your most common habits may actually increase your risk for developing dementia. Pay attention to this – life expectancy is increasing! If you don’t do anything to change, most likely you will get worse [...]

Is reducing your salt intake really that healthy?

Salt has a bad reputation. The news stories are always the same: salt is bad, reduce your salt intake! I think it’s time to question that.

We don’t need the same amount of salt all the time. Why is that?

When it is hot [...]

Do you eat enough fat?

What you eat could have a significant effect on your memory. The Mediterranean diet provides many health benefits, but can it be made even more effective?

That is what the reviewed research investigated. 522 participants both men and women at high vascular risk were followed for six and half [...]

Tomatoes and breast cancer risk-reduction

You have probably heard that tomatoes are good for your eyes because of an antioxidant called lycopene. Did you know that tomatoes can make a difference with breast cancer risk? The reviewed research investigated just that (Llanos AA,,2014).

70 postmenopausal women at increased risk for breast cancer participated [...]

Not all exercise burns fat equally.

Have you accepted this truism: that the more physically active you are, the less likely you are to gain weight? Here is the catch: not all exercise is equally effective when it comes to burning fat. The good news is you don’t have to exercise for several hours a day to make a [...]

Best fruits for lowering the risk of Type 2 Diabetes.

We all know that fruit is healthy, but there is evidence that not all fruit will provide the same benefits. The reviewed research compared how different fruits may reduce the risk for Type 2 Diabetes (Muraki I,,2013).

This was a large study that included a total of 151,209 women and 36,173 men [...]

Casual Soda Drinker? Don’t go there!

Sugar sweetened beverages have been associated with type 2 diabetes, obesity and other health problems. The reviewed research specifically investigated the relationship with sugar intake, sugar sweetened beverages and endometrial cancer(Inoue-Choi M,,2013).

The participants were 23,039 postmenopausal women. From 1986 to 2010, 506 cases of estrogen dependent endometrial cancers were [...]

A common mineral deficiency that influences your insulin resistance.


It is important for you to eat a low glycemic index diet to stay insulin sensitive. It also needs to be a high nutrient, low glycemic index diet. Certain micronutrients can help regulate glucose and insulin metabolism.

One of these micronutrients is the mineral magnesium.

Magnesium intake and how it relates [...]

Beat Blood Sugar in 2 Weeks With 15 Minutes of Exercise!

Do you think it’s to good to be true? Amazingly that is exactly what the reviewed research documented!

In this study, 16 young men did 30 second sprints 4-6 times on a stationary bike per session for a total of 6 sessions (Babraj JA,,2009).

Insulin sensitivity was improved by 23 [...]

Are high glucose levels shrinking your brain?

As research pours in, we continue to see more and more evidence of the detrimental effects of high blood glucose levels. This study evaluated glucose levels and it’s association to memory and hippocampal volume, an area of the brain (Kerti L,,2013).

The participant were 141 non diabetic men and women [...]

Reduce your cardiovascular risk with the right fat

Common opinion goes like this: fat creates heart disease. New research is questioning that assumption and proving the opposite, that fat can be heart protective. The research reviewed is one of these studies.

7447 participants were assigned to one of three diets:

High blood levels of omega 3 = Low incidence of mini strokes

Many studies rely on food questionnaires to calculate omega 3 fatty acid intake, but questionnaires can never be as accurate as a blood test. The reviewed research is especially interesting. Not only were blood levels of omega 3 fatty acid measured: 3660 participants also had MRI scans of their brains at the start [...]

Memory and the Mediterranean Diet

The Mediterranean diet has proven to be beneficial for the prevention of several common chronic diseases. The research reviewed investigated the link between cognition/dementia, and how well the participants followed a Mediterranean diet. (Lourida I,,2013).

Information from eleven observational studies and one randomized controlled study were analyzed. Results suggested that consistent adherence [...]

Enjoy your snacking with no weight gain

Ever wonder what to eat if you get hungry between meals? The reviewed research investigated the response to almonds not only as a snack, but also when eaten with a meal (Tan SY, Mattes RD, 2013).

The study went on for 4 weeks. The participants with an increased risk for type 2 [...]