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An enjoyable way to reduce stress and improve immunity

It is well accepted that stress can make us more susceptible to disease.

The participants in the reviewed study were 404 adults who were exposed to a virus that causes a common cold(Cohen S,et al. 2014). They were monitored in quarantine to assess infection and signs of illness.

It was found that perceived support [...]

Reduce your blood glucose level eating this snack

You don’t have to have diabetes to benefit from better blood sugar control.

The reviewed research showed that sometimes it doesn’t have to be very difficult(Parham M, et al. 2014).

The participants of this study had type 2 diabetes. One group was given 25g of pistachio nuts as snacks twice a day for 12 [...]

More about reducing your risk of dying

Remember the research stating that the number of deaths reduced from walking 20 minutes a day could theoretically be doubled with an approach that also avoided a high body mass index (BMI) or a high waist circumference? A Canadian study supports this where the researchers concluded that physical inactivity and a high waist circumference [...]

Ingredient in spice you can use to improve cognition

In the referenced study the researchers investigated if curcumin, an ingredient of the spice turmeric, would have an effect on cognitive function(Cox KH, et Al. 2014).

The participants were healthy adults between the age of 60 and 85 years, and the research was double blinded.

A special formulation of curcumin was used since regular [...]

Higher intake of this important mineral shows reduced risk for metabolic syndrome

People with metabolic syndrome have a cluster of symptoms. They are usually insulin resistant, they usually have high blood pressure and also high cholesterol and triglycerides.

The reviewed research included a total of 24,473 individuals and 6,311 cases of metabolic syndrome(Dibaba DT et al. 2014). The participants with the highest dietary intake of Magnesium [...]

Protect your memory with something you enjoy eating

The reviewed research first mapped out the precise brain location for age-related dysfunction using functional MRI.

The researchers then had 50-69 year old participants either consume a high or a low cocoa flavanol diet for 3 months(Brickman AM,et al. 2014).

The results showed that a high flavanol diet was found to enhance dentate gurus [...]

See what pistachio nuts can do for you

If you want a quick healthy snack, then pistachio nuts would be a good choice.

The reviewed research had diabetic patients either assigned to a group receiving 25 g of pistachio nuts twice a day as a snack or a control meal without nuts(Parham M, et al. 2014).

After 12 weeks the participants had [...]

Easy way to reduce your risk for Alzheimer’s disease

The reviewed research followed 1,658 adults who were free from dementia, cardiovascular disease and stroke for an average of 5.6 years (Littlejohns TJ, et al. 2014).

Vitamin D levels (25-hydroxy vitamin D) were measured from blood samples.

It was found that vitamin D deficiency is associated with a substantially increased risk for both dementia [...]