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Your gastrointestinal bacterias may influence your blood sugar

A lot has been written about the bacterial flora of the gastrointestinal tract lately and how it can affect other areas of the body.

The reviewed research evaluated the effects of seven strains of friendly bacterias and how they may affect insulin sensitivity(Eslamparast T, et al. 2014).

Participants with the metabolic syndrome were given [...]

Do you have to be in good shape to tolerate high-intensity short interval training?

High/intensity short/interval training is a type of exercise that stresses the body hard for a very short period of time. In other words, it is hard exercise, but you don’t have to spend much time doing it.

That you don’t have to spend much time exercising appeals to most people, but you may wonder [...]

More on salt, how much do you need?

This research is interesting because it measured sodium and potassium excretion and examined the association between major cardiovascular events and death(O’Donnell M et al. 2014).

Urine samples from 101,945 persons in 17 countries were included in the study with a follow up time of an average 3.7 years. The average estimated sodium excretion was [...]

Is systemic inflammation making your pain worse?

Knee pain is very common as we get older, and so is systemic inflammation, but what is systemic inflammation?

Systemic inflammation is the type of inflammation that you may not even know you have an issue with, because you don’t have to have a swollen joint. This type of inflammation is low grade, and [...]

Can you change your estrogen metabolites by exercising?

What would be the benefits of changing your estrogen metabolites?

Certain estrogen metabolites are related to a higher risk for estrogen related diseases. Breast cancer is one of those diseases. If you could change the ratio between the harmless metabolites and the ones related to an increased risk for estrogen related problems you would [...]

Low cholesterol associated with increased mortality risk, too low can be dangerous

Have you been told or have you read that the more you lower your cholesterol the better off you are?

You may also have heard that having high cholesterol is healthy. So what is correct?

More and more research documents that it may be dangerous to lower your cholesterol too much, but the reviewed [...]

How do you think stress affects your metabolism?

You don’t want to have a slow metabolic rate because that would make it harder to maintain a lean body composition.

You can probably also agree that most of us are exposed to plenty of stress during a average day.

I think you will find the reviewed research interesting because it investigated how stress [...]

Research documents an easy way to slow brain shrinkage

Brain size makes a difference when it comes to memory.

The problem is that the brain shrinks as we age. If we could prevent that, we could also help prevent memory loss as we get older. That is what the reviewed research investigated (Daiello LA, 2014).

The participants were assessed with neuropsychological tests [...]

How well is your fish oil absorbed?

To maximize the benefits from the nutrients you’re taking, you need to absorb them well.

The reviewed research is interesting because it investigated how well fish oil was absorbed(Beckermann B, The study was a so-called crossover trial. This means that the same participants ingested different kinds of fish oil, which were compared [...]

What you drink could increase your blood pressure

A lot has been written about the effect salt may have on your blood pressure, but not much has been mentioned about the topic of the reviewed research.

In this research the results of several studies which included 409,707 participants were included (Malik AH,,2014). The researchers investigated how a common habit many people [...]