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You can use your mind to reduce inflammation.

Inflammation is a risk factor for all chronic diseases, and inflammation will also increase any pain you may have. Wouldn’t it be great if you could reduce inflammation by just using your mind? The good news is that you can!

The reviewed research investigated this(Black DS,,2013). 39 [...]

Higher Blood Glucose Makes Your Memory Suffer

Like so many others, you may have noticed that you can’t remember like you once could. Sadly, some of your most common habits may actually increase your risk for developing dementia. Pay attention to this – life expectancy is increasing! If you don’t do anything to change, most likely you will get worse [...]

Is reducing your salt intake really that healthy?

Salt has a bad reputation. The news stories are always the same: salt is bad, reduce your salt intake! I think it’s time to question that.

We don’t need the same amount of salt all the time. Why is that?

When it is hot [...]

Do you eat enough fat?

What you eat could have a significant effect on your memory. The Mediterranean diet provides many health benefits, but can it be made even more effective?

That is what the reviewed research investigated. 522 participants both men and women at high vascular risk were followed for six and half [...]

Tomatoes and breast cancer risk-reduction

You have probably heard that tomatoes are good for your eyes because of an antioxidant called lycopene. Did you know that tomatoes can make a difference with breast cancer risk? The reviewed research investigated just that (Llanos AA,,2014).

70 postmenopausal women at increased risk for breast cancer participated [...]

High intensity exercise is best – but what kind?

I have written about high-intensity short-interval training several times, because more and more research is teaching us how to maximize our exercise benefits. Research has proven that it’s a very effective way of exercising. So how can you use this principle when exercising to get the best results?

The secret is revealed [...]