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Your risk for dementia is related to the glucose level in your blood.

More and more research is documenting how the risk for dementia is affected by the level of glucose in the blood. The reviewed study used 35,264 measurements of glucose levels and also 10,208 measurements of glycated hemoglobin from 2067 participants(Crane PK,,2013). Glycated hemoglobin is a measurement of long-term glucose control. The average follow [...]

Exercise: starting later in life still improves your chances of healthy aging

Is there any point to exercising if you are older? Don’t make the mistake of believing that if you haven’t exercised earlier in life, there‚Äôs no point in starting now!

The reviewed research investigated the odds of healthy aging. During the 8 year study, participants were defined as healthy if they did not [...]

Easy way to reduce the risk of fracture

Free radicals and oxidative stress may increase the risk of bone loss and muscle wasting. The reviewed research investigated if alpha tocopherol (vitamin E) intake would influence fracture risk since vitamin E is known to reduce free radical damage.

61.433 women and 1138 men were included in the study and the participants were followed [...]

Speed up – and reduce your risk for weight gain!

Here is more interesting proof that it not necessary to spend a lot of time exercising to get benefits, as long as it is done a certain way (Fan JX,,2013).

The participants were 4511 adults aged 18-64 years. Body mass index was measured and accelerometers were used for measurements. The participants were divided into [...]