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Specific fat produced from exercise makes you lose weight

That fat can make you lose weight may sound strange. Even stranger is what the reviewed research documented (Böstrom P,,2012).

When both mice and humans exercise, a membrane protein is cleaved and

secreted as a newly identified hormone called irisin.  Irisin acts on what’s called white fat cells, that’s the [...]

What is the best time day to be physically active?

The reviewed research evaluated how walking at different times affected the blood glucose after a meals (Dipietro L,,2013).

The participants were 60 years or older inactive individuals with elevated fasting blood glucose levels between 105 and 125 mg/dl. The exercise protocols consisted of either 15 minutes of walking after meals, or 45 [...]

Important research related to Alzheimer’s disease

Alzheimer’s disease is at least partially caused by decreased clearance of the beta-amyloid peptide breakdown products.  The reviewed research investigated how different diets may affect the removal of these breakdown products (Hanson AJ,,2013).

One group of the participants were older adults with normal cognition, while the other group were older adults with [...]

Specific type of vitamin B prevents DNA damage

B vitamins are important in many ways – higher vitamin B levels have been linked to a lower risk for cancer. This research examined the association between pyridoxal, a type of vitamin B 6, folate and homocysteine with 8-OHdG, a marker of oxidative DNA damage (Kuwahara K,, 2013). The participants were both men [...]