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Surprising effects of meditation if practiced a specific way

We can now find more and more research related to the benefits of meditation. A lot of the research is related to the relaxing effects of meditation and it may look like meditation is just another way of getting relaxed. While relaxation can be beneficial in itself, there are more to meditation [...]

Chicken, you may be getting more than protein

Unless you are buying antibiotic-free or organic chicken, you probably know that you’re buying chicken that has been fed antibiotics. What you may not know however is that arsenic-based drugs are permitted in poultry production.

Researchers at John Hopkins investigated for that reason how much arsenic chicken meat contained (Nachman [...]

The Surprising Effect of Berries

If you like berries, this research is good news for you. Berries are known for their high antioxidant content, but this study investigated the effects of berries on glucose control (Törrönon R., 2013).

Researchers measured both glucose and insulin after eating white bread [...]

Still don’t believe? Omega 3 fatty acids, total mortality and heart disease


Have you ever questioned the benefits of omega 3 fat? Even though so much research has been published on the benefits, many people have reservations.

This new study did not rely on self-reported [...]

Save your eyes: reduce the risk of macular degeneration

We all value our eyesight. New research shows us an easy way to help prevent macular degeneration (Merle BM,, 2013).

963 participants were followed for 31 months and plasma fatty acids were measured from fasting blood samples, eye examinations were also performed.

High plasma omega-3 fatty acids were found [...]

Your dinner can affect how much you eat the next day

Recent research indicates that the gut bacterial flora may affect the metabolism including appetite, and the reviewed study evaluated the effects of a whole grain barley kernel product  on markers of metabolism and appetite regulation  in healthy people (Johansson EV,, 2013).

Boiled barley kernels were compared with white wheat bread as [...]

More Good News About Vitamin D

Are you always tired? Try having your vitamin D levels checked, then take vitamin D if you are deficient. The energy of our cells is produced in the mitochondria of our cells. Suboptimal mitochondrial function has been implicated in fatigue.

The reviewed research examined the effect of vitamin D in individuals [...]

Lowering the risk for cardiovascular disease also lowers the risk for cancer

Interesting new research proves that when causes for one disease are corrected, not only will the risk for that disease be lowered, but the risk for other diseases will be lowered.

This study, which included 13,253 participants, was conducted for almost 20 years (Rasmussen-Torvik LJ,, 2013). The participants were classified [...]

Ratio of Omega 6 to Omega 3 fatty acids important for memory

A lot of research has been published on the importance of omega-3 fatty acid.

It’s not only important that you eat omega 3 fat, but it is important that you eat enough of omega 3 fat so that the ratio of omega 6 to omega 3 is good.

The research reviewed here is [...]

If you think artificially sweetened soft drinks are healthier than sugar sweetened, you need to read this.


It’s a common belief that artificially sweetened soft drinks are a good alternative to sugar sweetened ones. They are usually promoted as diet soft drinks, and people with Diabetes may also think it’s okay to drink this, because they don’t contain regular sugar.

The reviewed research is interesting because it compared regular [...]