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Low grade inflammation and depression

There is more and more evidence that low grade inflammation is involved in all chronic conditions. Low grade systemic inflammation, as it is called, means inflammation that affects the whole body. This type of inflammation does not have to give you any visible signs like a swollen joint, like we usually associate with inflammation, [...]

Be more active and keep more of your brain

The reviewed research is interesting because no one wants to lose any of the brain they have. In this study the researchers investigated the association between physical activity at age 70 years and structural brain biomarkers at 73 years (Gow AJ, et al. 2012). Computational image processing methods were used to measure atrophy and [...]

Vitamin D and Early Death

New research on the importance of vitamin D is published all the time. The reviewed study was quite large and was conducted in Denmark (Brondum-Jacobsen P, et al. 2012).

The participants were 10,170 men and women, the vitamin D levels were measured, and the follow-up time was 29 years. The researchers investigated the association [...]