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Improve your blood sugar control and decrease your blood pressure by eating more of a specific food

Eating low glycemic index foods is the key to keeping your blood sugar in a low and normal range. This is also important when it comes to reducing cardiovascular risk.

The reviewed research compared two different types of food for efficiency when it came to these issues (Jenkins DJ, et al. 2012). The participants [...]

Anxiety and accelerated aging

We know that stress is unhealthy. The reviewed research is fascinating because it examined the relationship between the length of telomeres and anxiety (Okereke OI, et al. 2012). Shorter telomeres are thought to be a cause of poor health and aging. This means that this study gives us information on how anxiety may affect [...]

Omega 3 fatty acids and memory

Research has shown that omega 3 fatty acids from fish oil provide numerous health benefits. The research reviewed investigated if working memory in young adults improved after taking fish oil containing 750 mg of DHA and 930 mg of EPA per day for 6 months (Narendran R, et al.2012).

The participants underwent a working [...]

Is a low carbohydrate, high protein diet increasing the risk for cardiovascular disease?

A low carbohydrate, high protein diet has been promoted by many as a healthy way to eat and also a way to lose weight. Since this is a low glycemic index diet you can certainly lose weight eating that way, but is it healthy long term? This is exactly what the reviewed study investigated [...]