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Cardiovascular risk and glutathione

Glutathione is a very effective antioxidant the body produces. Antioxidants protect tissue from free radical damage. Oxidized LDL (the bad cholesterol) initiates atherosclerosis and glutathione protects against lipid oxidation.

The reviewed research investigated whether glutathione could reduce cardiovascular mortality (Buijsse B, et al. 2012). The study included participants who after 5 to 12 years [...]

Compound from broccoli kills prostate cancer cells.

We have probably all heard that eating broccoli is healthy, and the research reviewed here adds more evidence to that (Clarke JD, et al. 2011).

The study documented that sulforaphane a compound found in broccoli, selectively induced cell cycle arrest and apoptosis (cell death) in benign hyperplasia and cancerous prostate epithelial cells, but not [...]

Interesting results comparing sprint interval running with continuous running

Quite a bit of research has been conducted in the last few years on the benefits of high intensity short interval training. The reviewed study investigated the effects of sprint interval running and continuous running on insulin sensitivity and cholesterol (Sandvei M, et al. 2012). Good insulin sensitivity helps prevent type 2 diabetes as [...]

What you do can have a big impact on your eye sight as you get older

Losing our eye sight is not an attractive option, but there are a lot of things you can do to increase your odds of seeing well as you get older.

Researchers who conducted the study reviewed here examined the risk for developing age related macular degeneration in women aged 55 to 74 years [...]

What can you expect from effective probiotic

Probiotics have been in the news a lot lately. There are numerous brands on the market and also many different strains of bacterias promoted as being healthy and producing benefits for the gastrointestinal tract.

Most of these friendly bacterias are temperature sensitive and need to be refrigerated to keep their potency. Unless the [...]

What is the most effective dietary approach to reduce cardiovascular risk factors?

The research reviewed evaluated randomized controlled trials comparing the Mediterranean style diet to low fat diets in overweight/obese individuals as it related to cardiovascular risk factors (Nordmann AJ, et al. 2011). 6 trials with 2,650 individuals of which 50% were women.

After 2 years of follow up, individuals assigned to a Mediterranean diet [...]

Want to improve your cholesterol and glucose levels?

Cholesterol lowering drugs are big business, but most people could lower both their cholesterol and blood glucose levels by changing the way they eat.

The food we eat regularly will have a big impact on your biochemistry. By watching all the ads on TV you would not believe that, but rather think that it [...]

Want to avoid getting a stroke?

Avoiding ten risk factors can substantially improve your odds of not getting a stroke.

A recent published study in The Lancet, one the most respected medical journals in the world documented 10 risk factors associated with 90% of the risk of stroke (O’Donnell MJ, et al. 2010).

The study included patients from 22 countries [...]

Vitamin D and risk of Parkinson disease

A lot of research has been published recently on the importance of vitamin D.

The research reviewed here investigated vitamin D levels and its association to Parkinson disease (Knekt P, et al. 2010).

The follow-up period was 29 years and serum 25-hydroxyvitamin D level (the most common way of testing vitamin D) was determined [...]

Transfatty acids and cancer risk

Transfatty acids are not a fat we need as compared to essential fatty acids like omega 3 and omega 6, which we do need.

Trans fats are formed when vegetable oils are hydrogenated, which makes the unsaturated fat into saturated fat. You are, for that reason, more likely to be exposed to transfat [...]

The way you cook your fish is important

A lot of research has been published on the benefits of fish and omega 3 fatty acids. 

The study referenced here is interesting because it compared the intake of fish, how it was prepared and how it related to the risk of heart failure (Belin RJ, et al. 2011).

84,493 women aged 50-79 [...]

The many health benefits of flax seeds

The flax seed is a small seed, but it turns out that it can provide some amazing health benefits. The article reviewed here is a summary of research on flax lignans which are found in the shell of the flax seeds and not in the oil.

Flax lignans have been documented to reduce [...]

The health impact of white rice

White rice is a common food especially in Asia, but also in the USA. It is very common to have white rice served in restaurants.

Refined carbohydrates have been suggested to have a negative impact on the glucose metabolism. For that reason a large study involving 25,666 men and 33,622 women ages 44 to [...]

The food that makes you lose weight and also improve your health

If you think that sounds good, you can also add that it is cheap to buy. This food is legumes.

I have recommended beans and lentils for many years because they are excellent low-glycemic index carbohydrates.

The study reviewed compared the effects of two calorie restricted diets (Hermdorff HH, et al. 2010). One [...]

The danger of a big waist

A recent study followed 21,787 participants with an age from 45 to 79 years for an average of 9.8 years (Arsenault BJ, et al. 2010). The researchers examined the relationship between high triglycerides levels (fat in the blood), high waist circumference and the risk of coronary artery disease in apparently healthy individuals.

The threshold [...]

Suprising benefit of omega 3 fatty acids

Loss of muscle mass as we get older is a common problem for many.

Omega 3 fatty acids have been found to stimulate protein anabolism (construction of protein) in animals, but it has not been known if omega 3 fatty acids are able to do the same in humans.

The study reviewed evaluated [...]

Surprise health risk of diet soda

Usually the research reviewed here is published in national or international medical journals. The research reviewed this time was however presented at a recent international stroke conference (Anwar Z, et al. 2011). The study was both interesting and surprising and for that reason you should know about it.

The researchers investigated the association [...]

Smaller waist and impressive health benefits from minutes of exercise instead of hours

In the last few years quite a few studies have been published on the benefits of high intensity short interval training.

The research reviewed here investigated the effects of very high intensity sprint interval training on metabolic and vascular risk factors in overweight/obese sedentary men (Whyte LJ, et al. 2010).

The exercise consisted [...]

Reduce your risk of death from inflammatory diseases

The study reviewed here investigated the connection between different foods and the risk of death from diseases in which inflammation or oxidative stress was a predominant contributor (Buyken AE, et al. 2010).

The participants both men and women were followed for 13 years. The results showed that women who ate foods in the highest [...]

Reduce insulin resistance while at the same time support bone formation

Insulin resistance and metabolic syndrome are conditions which increase the risk for chronic disease, diabetes and cardiovascular disease are two examples. 

The study reviewed investigated the effect of oral magnesium supplementation on insulin sensitivity in overweight, insulin resistant, non-diabetic participants (Mooren FC, et al. 2011).

The study went on for 3 months and [...]

Red meat and the risk of stroke

Both red and processed meat has been implicated to increase the risk of several diseases. The two studies reviewed here specifically focused on the consumption of red and processed meat and the risk of stroke.

One of the investigations followed 40, 291 men aged 45-79 years for the average of 10.1 years (Larsson [...]

Protein source can affect risk of heart disease

It has been known for a while that fish intake is associated with a decreased risk for heart disease, but other protein sources have not been studied much. Fish reduce the risk of heart disease because of the omega 3 fat it contains.

What about protein sources like red meat, poultry and nuts?

This [...]

Protect your DNA

If we can protect our DNA we may be able to slow down aging. Slowing down the aging process appeals to most people, but the question is if it is possible with the resources we have now.

The research reviewed investigated if that was possible by implementing a couple of readily available resources [...]

Physical activity can make a big difference if you have prostate cancer

We are all aware that physical activity and exercise is healthy.

What we may not realize is how important it is and that it can even make a difference in cancer survival.

The study reviewed here evaluated the association of physical activity and prostate cancer survival in men who had been diagnosed with [...]

Pesticides increase the risk for insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes.

Insulin resistance is a gradual process and if not addressed it can lead to type 2 diabetes. The cells in insulin resistant tissue are less responsive to insulin, causing the pancreas to compensate by producing more insulin in an attempt to transfer the blood glucose into the cells where it can be used [...]

Overweight and risk of dementia

The reviewed research evaluated the association of midlife overweight and dementia, Alzheimer disease and vascular dementia (Xu WL, et al. 2011).

This study was especially interesting because the study participants were 8,534 twin individuals with an average age of 74.4 years.

Height and weight of the participants were available at midlife (mean age [...]

Optimal nutrition during prolonged exercise

Prolonged exercise is considered more than 60 minutes of activity. If you exercise for more than 60 minutes or participate in an endurance race lasting more than 60 minutes, you will benefit from drinking a carbohydrate/electrolyte solution during the exercise.

It is generally accepted that 600 to 1200 ml per hour of fluid [...]

One simple thing you can do to reduce your risk for diabetes

The consumption of sugar-sweetened beverages has been associated with weight gain. These beverages include soft drinks, fruit drinks, iced tea, energy drinks and vitamin water.

These types of drinks have also now been associated with metabolic syndrome and type 2 diabetes (Malik VS, et al. 2010). Metabolic syndrome is a condition which includes insulin [...]

Olive oil may offer protection for stroke

We have all heard that olive oil is supposed to be healthy fat. The study reviewed here confirms that, since it may even help prevent stroke.

The study investigated whether high olive oil consumption and high plasma oleic acid, a marker of olive oil intake, are associated with lower incidence of stroke in [...]

New research on vitamin D

Numerous studies in the last few years have documented a variety of health benefits provided by vitamin D.

While sun exposure is a good source of vitamin D many people today use sunscreen most of the time when they are outside. Vitamin D deficiency has been found to be fairly common even in [...]